Top 5 Small Business Mistakes That Create Stress And Overwhelm

If you’re like most small business owners that want to make a difference in the world, I bet you have a beautiful vision and brilliant ideas. You are committed to doing business differently and making real change. Unfortunately, the day-to-day operations can create stress and overwhelm, and worse, can weigh you down and prevent you from making the impact you so desire.

It’s often difficult to “know what you don’t know” in the midst of running a small business. You are inundated with a huge number of activities and roles to keep your business functioning. This probably creates stress and constant worry–about getting it all done, being profitable and creating a sustainable business.

Let’s discuss some mistakes that small business owners make so that you can avoid the pain, frustration, stress and overwhelm in your business. I’ve gathered the top five (although I may have made at least 200) for you:

1. Being Unclear With What You Truly Want in Your Business

Lack of clarity in your business can create immediate overwhelm. Many business owners are clear about the lifestyle they want (i.e. greater flexibility, more work-life balance, traveling), but often fail to have a specific intention and a plan to get there. If you feel uncertain and unclear, your business can feel like a daily struggle. It’s essential to have a picture of your business that includes all your requirements. Create the vision first, then build the business to fit into the vision. (Most people build a business then realize it’s not what they intended for their life.)

2. Not Having a Business Plan, or Having an Underutilized One

Similar to having clarity, you’ll want to also have a crystal-clear business plan. Without a plan, you’re very busy but may lack direction and an end goal. In my experience, over 75% of the small businesses I worked with didn’t have a business plan. Only when you have crafted a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly plan (with a set of clear endpoints and metrics) can you take the daily actions to fulfilling your business goals. Allow the clarity of your plan to create more ease (when you understand what needs to be done, you will naturally feel more at ease).

3. Limited Planning Time

When you operate your business with little or no planning time, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed rather than in control. You become reactive as you “put out fires,” problem solve, and complete your work each day. Rather than planning for the future, you end up working in the business, not on it (principle drawn from Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth). Give yourself the gift of time and space to plan. You’ll feel great, reduce your stress and be able to identify those things needed to create the best result.

4. Lack of Self-Care and Personal Time

Most business owners feel they have to sacrifice their personal lives while they are growing their businesses. Unfortunately, the lack of self-care and personal time can actually signal the demise of one’s business. As you shift away from sacrifice and move toward self-care, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s a direct correlation between your personal health and the health of your business. Simply put, if you are overwhelmed, stressed and not vital at work, you are not bringing your best self forward and your performance will inevitably slip. Build in daily self-care time to renew and revitalize yourself (i.e. music, walking, napping) and put them in your calendar as non-negotiable. You’ll feel better and get more done with less effort!

5. Losing the Passion for Your Business

When your business becomes passion-less, every task becomes stressful. You feel pushed to work rather than energized and pulled by your passion. This takes a great toll on you personally as well as on your business. Take a moment to remember your initial reasons for starting the business and what lit you up in the first place (i.e. to make a difference, to offer a new product, to bring your creativity to the world), then figure out how you can add the spice back in. Commit to outsourcing the “un-fun” activities and allow yourself to feel good about your business again. This will allow you to decrease your stress and will naturally create better results.

I recently recognized the power of addressing these common mistakes with my client Anita, an international PR firm director. She realized that while she had completed an initial business plan three years ago, she rarely ever looked at it or conducted her business around it. When we revisited the plan, she reconnected with her passion and commitment to being a socially responsible company. She understood how many critical pieces from her original plan were missing from her current business actions. After she realized that, she was able to chart a new path with less stress and overwhelm, and much more joy and purpose.

I wish you great clarity and ease in your business so that you can make the difference you truly desire. May you know joy, may you know peace and may you work with ease.

Business Debt Management

It happens to people, and it also happens to businesses, debt becomes such a heavy burden that becomes unbearable. The dilemma is that owners seek professional help, in this case, Business Debt Management, too late. Although this financial help is one of the most recommended worldwide, people do not really trust strangers who ask for confidential information about their businesses.

Business Debt Management is just a name given to a group of experts on a specific field, business debt. This group’s main goal of is to manage your current financial situation and find the best suitable way to free your business from debt.

Our Business Debt Management program has various ways of helping business owners, such as Martha Stevens, current participant in the program. She is also looking forward to learning how to handle finances in the future, thus avoid getting trapped in debts again.
James Banks is the senior counselor of the Business Debt Management program, and he assessed Martha’s situation before entering the program.

Martha Stevens:

How does the Business Debt Management process work?

James Banks:

The Business Debt Management program will calculate all your debts and the obligatory interest that you have to pay.
The Business Debt Management program will assign you a personal counselor after assessing your situation. The business debt management counselor will contact your creditors in order to request a reduction in your business’ interest rates be made. Creditors usually accept this kind of request, but only from business debt management companies because they know this is how they will surely recover their money and that the process itself can be trusted.

Martha Stevens:

I would like to know which options are available with this business debt management program.

James Banks:

When a business enters the Business Debt Management program, the company takes a look at the firm’s overall situation and from that point on, the counselor advices the owner to take one of the following steps:
1. Get a debt consolidation loan in order to pay off the majority of the debts. This way, it will get rid of several interest charges and will only have to make a single monthly payment.

2. Get a property equity loan. This loan has got to be at a lower interest charge than the ones from the debts, otherwise the company will not be able to pay off the others debts.

3. The business can apply for a new credit card at a lower interest rate to transfer all of the other interests to the new one. This way you can save money by paying all your debts and keep the credit card with low interest charges.

Martha Stevens:

What are the benefits of using the business debt management service?

James Banks:

Although there are many benefits, the most important one is that your business will surely be debt free once again, and you, as the owner will have the chance to learn how to stay away from incurring this situation ever again.
Take a look at the many benefits of applying to the Business Debt Management program:

- The counselor will request your creditors a reduction of your debt, making it easy for to afford the monthly payment

- The program reduces the monthly expenditure of your business.

- The business Debt Management program helps maintain a good credit rating

- The owner only has to make a single monthly payment instead of several

- And the program also aims to show the person himself/herself how to manage the business in order to avoid future complications.

Martha Stevens:

Is it safe to give the information over the Internet the Business Debt Management program requests?

James Banks:

Although people think that the Internet may be dangerous, it is not. These days the internet is considered one of the safest means to send information, and it is also faster.
The counselor has the advantage of sending the different deals that the creditors accept and offer them to the clients in a matter of minutes. Owners have to pay attention to all the offers they receive because it is imperative they give an answer before the offer expires.

Clients need to make sure they listen to the advice from the business debt management counselors because this is the fastest way for them to be debt free.

The Business Debt Management program’s aim is the clients comfort and also the best deals for their current situation.

We have different articles of interesting topics and current and former clients’ experiences with our programs. Take a look at topics related to Business Debt Management, situations in which people can fall into and how to keep yourself a debt free person.

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5 Reason To Get Started In Online Business VS. Traditional Business

It is so much easier to have and run a business today then it was 60+ years ago. The Internet has opened a whole new level of business opportunity. There is millions and millions of dollar circulating online no matter where you would go, ex: ebay, google, amazon…etc. Today you don’t need so much computer skills or programming skills to make money online. You could either pay some one to make you a professional website (under $1000) or just buy one online, it’s that simple. Where as 60+ years ago your parents had to have 100 thousands of dollars so you could start your own business or you parents had to pass their business to you. So in this page I’ll demonstrate why making money online is much more simple and show the 5 Main reasons and advantages of making money online then the traditional industry style.

Presented by: Eugene from []

1. Investing less money
Today internet has given us a huge advantage compared to 60+ years ago. First of all the advantage to access millions and millions of information, it’s endless. And mainly it has given us the advantage to make money. People make money online everyday and you wouldn’t even realize how until you find the right system. The great thing about making money online is that it give an opportunity to make money for normal and average people that have enough money for a living. Any one could start an online business. It just takes that first step. There is no need to invest $100,000′s to have a huge success. Where as in earlier times, people needed huge amounts of money to start any business so that’s why people never tried making more money then they had already. They didn’t have enough money to invest so it was very hard for them to start a business unless they’ve came up with a 5 billion dollar idea. All that is gone today. Normal people go to college and you wouldn’t even believe how much money they make online while sitting with their laptops between class periods. Today you don’t need so called “business Partners” to rip you off. You do everything on your own because it’s easy to manage. I will mention that first you’ll need to get introduced to they program that you’ll be making money with. So the first advantage I picked in online business is “Investing less money,” that gives the flexibility and a chance for everyone to make thousands every month.

2.No Hassle
The second advantage in online business is obviously there is less hassle then the normal types of industrial businesses. You wake up in the morning and there’s no need to run around to get all the supplies for you store or your production company. Everything is controlled with your finger tips on your computer. Every supply is available online. No need to make 1 million phone calls a day. You focus on what you need. There’s no such thing as making interviews for a job. So this already eliminates you from hassle that lot of business people face and fail on daily. And more to add to this, you don’t have workers to pay. Nobody runs after you to get checks from you. You don’t owe no one anything they owe you, that’s how online business is. And finally you do not need to buy $100,000 tools for your business. In the normal type of business weather you would run a pizza place, auto mechanic shop, smog shop, gas station…etc. you’ll need to buy expensive tools for your business. Forget about paying others so much money, it’s time for everyone else to pay you. Do not kill yourself trying so hard to make your business work, take the easy way “online business.”

2. Easy management
Online Business makes management easy. You are the BOSS! You are the Secretary, President, vice president, editor…etc. Everything is control by you. Whatever you choose you get it. And everything is control in you computer. No special college courses or programs necessary. One of my favorite things about online business is that you do not need to hire any workers. You don’t need to waste your energy on hiring them, bossing them around, and the then firing them. Instead focus on how you could get more money online. There is no such thing as ware house or stores in online business. No managers, no workers and no $100,000 machines and tools. And most importantly no complaining for picky customers. It’s that much easier then traditional business. Everything is controlled from your computer.

Online business gives you options, styles, and more then 100′s and 1000′s of ways to make money. You are flexible. In traditional business if you want to open a pizza place you’ll need to open your store in more populated areas so you would have more customers. That doesn’t happen in online business. People will pay you from all over the world. So forget about finding the right corner or the right street so you could get lots of customers. Second, you are free to choose any type of online business you would like. There is literarily 100′s of categories to make money online. Let it be sports, cars, computers, music you name it, money will come at you from all directions. People are happy to have online business’ because they spend could time with their family and kids more. College students manage to study and at the same time run an online business. So they have enough money for paying for their classes and getting much more on top to spend and/invest. Sky is the limit, you may run more then one online business at a time. It’s much more easier to manage then the normal type of business.

5. Save Time
NO hassle, easy management, and flexibility will give you one more advantage, which is saving time. You’ll realize how good it feels to have free time because most online business require not more then 3 hours a day depending on the business type you’re in. Imagine having a business and you don’t need to run from place to place. Online businesses give the advantage of saving time. Once you have more time most people put it on their business and try to figure out more ways to get money online. Have some time for your family, friends and/or loved ones and still get the money you desire.